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Bubble Blossom Ball Shooter

Age rating
4.7 - 2k Ratings
Bubble Blossom Saga Bubble Shooter Blossom Match 3 Bubble Mania game from makers of Baby Bubble Bird.
This is not typical bubble shooter game, it is The Bubble Blossom. Experience the thrill of bubble shooting with endless blossom surprises. Helprincess Stella to rescue baby animals trapped inside blossom bubbles. Unlock new characters, new levels, new worlds, new maps, new animals, new powerups, new rewards, new gifts, new friends in this juicing bubble shooting match 3 adventure. Game is easy to play, yet difficult to master.

Peacock, Lion, Pig, Bee, Penguin, Panda teaming up with you but beware of those poisonous rattle snake. Work your way through increasingly challenging levels and employ the power of the elements to help you in your Bubble shooting quest. Bubble-bursting powerups will help you free the animals !!!

-- 1600+ levels with uniquely challenging obstacles
-- More levels added every two weeks
-- Stunning graphics & adorable animations
-- Addicting pace & rewarding progression
-- Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
-- Achievements with lots of XPs.
-- Special boosters & bubbles to help you pass those tricky levels
-- Free & easy to play, challenging to master
-- Available to play on mobile and tablet devices

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