Bubble Crush: Cash Prizes

Age rating
4.7 - 465 Ratings
Bubble Crush is a classic puzzle game that you can win real-money prizes here!

Are you a Bubble Shooter fan? If so it’s time to test your skills!

In this fast and fun bubble game you will play in competition with real players and get cash prizes at the same time. All you need to do is blasting all the bubbles and clearing the board as fast as you can.

How to play:
- Match at least 3 bubbles in same color and clear the board.
- Simply tap the screen to drag the laser-aim, lift your finger to release the ball.
- You can play Bubble Crush head-to-head with other players or play it in large, multiplayer tournaments.
- Cash-out securely using PayPal.

Special features:
- Real-money tournaments.
- Fast animations and smooth touch controls on all devices.
- Collect awesome daily bonuses.
- Classic puzzle shooter game, train your brain anytime and anywhere!
- Only takes a few minutes a round, win faster!

If you have any questions please feel free to find us at

Get ready now and clear the board quickly before others do to win Real-Money Prizes!