Bubble Pop Mania - Ball Blast

Age rating
4.6 - 61 Ratings
Bubble Pop Mania, a free shoot bubble game, based on the traditional bubble shooter.
Discover a new relaxation tool! Dive into this wonderful adventure. Solve puzzles and complete challenges with colorful bubbles!
Start this great bubble shooting journey now and get ready for the collision with the bubbles.

Never experienced such an addictive bubble shooter! Carefully formulate your strategy, deftly avoid all kinds of traps, and practice your matching skills.
This bubble shooter is appealing not only for its clean and comfortable art style, but also because it's a perfect time killer.

If you are looking for a game that can release stress and calm your mind, you can try bubble pop and join the bubble shooter battle.
Drag to aim, release to shoot, hit the target, blast and clear all colored balls to clear the board.
You'll shoot bubbles to your heart's content and train your brain in this addictive bubble puzzle game.

Reasons to download Bubble Pop Mania:
- No life limit, play as long as you want.
- Concise interface layout, colorful bubbles, comfortable visual experience.
- No WiFi required, enjoy this shooting puzzle game anytime, anywhere.
- Crisp and bright sound effects, immersive experience of bubble shooting.
- Once You Shoot, You Can't Stop! Shoot Bubble is simple yet addictive!
- Thousands of well-designed levels! A variety of gameplay! Advanced gameplay with brain training levels!
- It's a FREE game! Free to download, free to play and to access tons of fun!
Skills you need to know:
- Look for the same color, then aim and shoot.
- Swipe the screen to find the precise shooting angle.
- Show off your shooting skills and pop as many bubbles as possible.
- Relying on powerful bombs and flame balls can help you complete the challenges more effectively.
The rules of Bubble Pop Mania are simple and easy to understand, but there are also many challenges.
The levels with increasing difficulty will make your adventure journey full of fun.
If you like bubble games, welcome to join us, we will continue to add levels and update new content to keep your fun uninterrupted.