Yuye Peng

Bubble Shooter Bear Pop

Age rating
4.3 - 304 Ratings
Bubble Shooter is a fun and relaxing game. When you feel boring and tired , play this game you will feel much better. Now,An exciting game is coming!


1. More than 2000 fun and challenging game levels.
2. There are kinds of bubbles.
3. Easy to play,lots of fun.
4. gorgeous graphics, Delicate details.
5. Smooth animations, cool gameplay.
6. Captivating arcade inspired music.
7. Accurate controls, with two ways to shoot bubble.
8. More strategy.

How to play this game?
1. Your finger move to the target, aim, and shoot!
2. Match 3 bubbles can clear them.
3. Clear all bubbles the game levels is complete.
4. Match more bubbles to make them burst can get points as bonus.
5. Every color you clear will not appear again.
6. At the end of game, All bubble will be pop out. Tap the bubble also can get points as bonus.

No matter where, No matter when.
Bubble shooter is always on your side.
We are all free game, No in app purchase.
Our Bubble Shooter provides fun and addictive game play, entertainment for the whole family.