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Bubble Shooter: Cat Pop Game

Age rating
4.7 - 391 Ratings
Lily was a little kitten. She grew up with her family in a small valley. She’s afraid of the wide world outside. Someday, she suddenly wanted to explore the woods and then she tried to run on the night.

In the dark, Katun – the evil living in the wood appeared and arrested her to his castle. Lily screamed and run but the Katun’s so fast. Lily cannot escape from him.
Lily is under lock and key in a secret room in Katun’s castle. Let’s help Lily escape from castle and comeback with her family.

- There are 3000 challenges in free cat pop game ahead! Overcome and rescue Lily as soon as you can.
- Cute graphics with a lot of adorable kittens and amazing effects. This free pop cat game will make you feel happy and relax.
- Simple bubble shooter gameplay but it’s so addictive. Pop and blast all the bubble to rescue all kittens.
- This bubble shooter adventure will not end until you can explore all rooms in Katun’s castle and help kittens comeback their home.

- There are hundreds of rooms in Katun castle. We don’t know where Lily is. Overcome all mission of Katun in each room and rescue Lily.
- Pop the bubble and make them blast.
- Rescue the kittens before you run out of moves.
- Tap and pop everywhere you want. But remember that rescue all the kittens
- Use the booster to overcome faster. There are many kinds of booster in this free pop cat game for you
- This bubble shooter game is FREE and suitable for all ages and genders.

Start the bubble shooter adventure right now! Lily’s family miss her so much and so does she. Get ready for a new bubble shooting adventure with adoorable kittens.
Please give Lily and this free pop cat game 5 star if you love it. Thank you and enjoy the bubble adventure.