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Bubble Shooter Relaxed Life

Age rating
4.5 - 2k Ratings
Bubble Shooter Relaxed Life bubble shooting game is coming! Take you into the lovely little raccoon life. In here ,we do not need complex operation, just click on the ball and can hit the bubbles, hit the explosion.Life gets bored ? Playing bubble shooter! working with tired brain?Playing our bubble shooter, sad when you get alone ?Playing bubble shooter, happy when around everyone ?Playing the bubble shot together!

Bubble shooter can train your brain and finger. Unlike word search game, Bubble shooter is suitable for all countries. Bubble Shooter is one of the best matching and puzzle game!

As the most classic puzzle game and match-three game, Bubble shooter is popular for a long time. No matter the elderly, children, women, housewives or beautiful girls all love Bubble Shooter. Train your brain and finger. It's a brain game for adult and It's very cool.

What we do in this version? You can try to find the difference between our bubble shooter and others.

1. More than 2000 fun and challenging game levels to challenge your brain.brain.The classic bubble shooter, same as the original version.
2. 50 kinds of sweet candy bubbles,addictive bubble gameplay !
3. Easy to learn,challenging to an bubble master.
4. Fantastic graphics, fluent shooting experience.
5. Smooth animations(pandas), cool gameplay.
6. Captivating arcade inspired music.
7. Accurate controls, with two ways to shoot bubble.Pop all the bubbles!
8. More strategy.

If your family have the people, you want them to keep away from mahjong, card and other casino game. You can recommend them to play bubble shooter.
If you do not want your wife or girl friend to bother you, you can recommend them to play candy bubble shooter .
If your children always bother you, let them play bubble shooter.
If your husband or boy friends are live you alone. Bubble shooter also can play with you

No matter where, No matter when
Bubble shooter is always on your side.

Our Bubble Shooter provides fun and addictive game play, entertainment for the whole family.

"Bubble Shooter Relaxed Life" does not require a network connection to run, It means you can play it without wifi! there is no purchase item, free download free play! free bubbles game !
"Bubble Shooter Relaxed Life" may contain some ads.

Become a member of many fans, come to the new bubble shooting game, relaxed and happy to spend every day! Today you can use the iPhone, iPad download!

The Last:
As a free puzzle bubble game, we need to show ads to feed our team.We promises that playing this game will not be forgettable and will be your most enjoyable experience with bubble games on App Store! Sorry for our ads and hope you can help us.