Fatima Lerdo de Tejada

Bubble Words: Word Puzzle 2020

Age rating
4.6 - 129 Ratings
Are you a word search expert? If you like word puzzles, crosswords, sudoku or testing your memory then settle in and relax with Bubble Words, the most challenging word puzzle under the sea!

Search for words and combine letters on the board with total freedom. Each level has a different goal and obstacles to overcome. The longer the word, the higher your score, and you can unlock power ups that will make every challenge easier!

Complete as many levels as you can and unlock special features as you progress in the game.
- With total freedom of movement, create words any way you want!
- No time limits! Play at your own pace and keep your puzzling relaxed
- Find the longest or highest scoring words and beat the ranking
- There are hundreds of levels, events every week, and powers to unlock
- Expand your vocabulary and test your spelling skills
- Follow your progress and track your friends!
- ¡Now you can also send gifts to your contacts on iMessage! and share the cutest stickers to liven up conversations and make them more entertaining.
Test your brain and challenge yourself to prove your worth! Start playing today and relax with Bubble Words, the most refreshing new word puzzle! Have you got what it takes?

Now play "Bubble Words - Letter Splash" in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) Norwegian, Swedish and Dutch just by changing the language in your phone settings.
Have any problems? Enter https://generagames.helpshift.com/a/bubble-words/, or contact us through the game from Settings> Contact
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